Peace of Art for COVID-19

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As many of us know, Syria has been particularly hit hard by the pandemic and the number of cases is rising, which is why we’ve decided to hold an Art Auction to raise money to help Syria through the pandemic and help our community overcome this difficult time.

We will be working with Saaed Society, a non-political NGO working in the different provinces of Syria providing medical care and supplies and preparing for the second wave that will be arriving shortly. All the proceeds donated will help us purchase medical supplies such as oxygen tanks and ozygen generations to help the Syrian community. We have gathered Syrian artist from Canada as well as around the globe to help us with this project and we cant wait for everyone to see their breath taking artwork.

UPDATE Nov 11th:
We’re happy to finally release the catalog for the Art Auction! As you go through it, you’ll find all the pieces up for sale, information on each piece such as their size, material, name and finally the starting price set by each artist. 

Alongside the catalog we are releasing our limited edition magazine featuring all the artists for the special event! Make sure to take a look and read all about the amazing artists who have joined us in making this event happen. 

Click here for Art Auction Catalog

Click here for the “Meet the Artists” Magazine

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UPDATE Nov 13th:

Logistics of the event!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY which is why we’d like to share how the day will go!

Note: Each bidder is strongly advised to look at the Peace of Art Catalogue before the event so that you get a general idea of the pieces we’re offering. Link for catalog: right below this post!

  • Join us tomorrow at 3pm sharp on our zoom conference to get to know us, the organization we’re working with and meet a couple of our artists! 
  • Shortly after our moderators will begin the auction by presenting each art piece then stating its starting bid. Each piece will be referred to by name of artist and number so be sure to have the catalogue nearby! If you need help locating it, shoot us a message! 
  • Once an art piece that interests you’ll head to the comment section and place your bid in CAD. Members of our team will be closely monitoring the comment section to track the bids coming in.
  • As the bidding comes to a close, the moderator will announce the winning bid and congratulate the winner!
  • If you are one of the people who have won – Congratulations! – please check your private messages as we will contact you to inform you of the next steps regarding shipping and receiving your artwork.

Any unsold art pieces will remain up on our Instagram (@ssamcgill), where you can still place an offer, make sure to reply to our pinned comment to enter a valid bid. These pieces will only be up for a couple of days after the event, so if you see something you like hurry and place your bid! You can also reach us and inform us about your bid on our other platforms such as our email or facebook page to place your bid.

All donations will be directed to our fundraiser page:

Our Mahrouse contest will carry on for the next 72 hours so don’t forget to buy a ticket!! 

We are so excited to present you all the amazing artwork we’ve collected!

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عند ظهور اللوحة المهمة بالنسبة لكم، اعرضوا لنا السعر المستعدين لدفعه في التعليقات. نحنا رح نراقب التعليقات و الأسعار المعروضة . عند نهاية تقديم الأسعار، سيعلن المنظم عن الفائز

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