Peer mentorship

In the beginning of 2016, many newly arrived Syrians contacted us asking about university admissions, English and French language courses, and many other basic questions that would help them kickstart their new lives. In response to the current need, we created a Peer-Mentorship program that connects McGill students to Syrians newcomers.

The Peer Mentorship program is an initiative to help Syrian newcomers integrate into the society in Montreal. Newcomers will be matched with suitable peer-mentors who are McGill students volunteering their time to help out.

Roles of Peer-Mentors:

  • Meet with their mentees ~2 hours a week for a total of 30 hours over the two semesters Fall & Winter. Provide help over the phone/emails (if meeting is not possible).
  • Establish contact and good communication with their mentees. Provide advice based on career and studies experience.
  • Act as conversation partners and help the newcomers practice their Eng/Fr
  • Help out with university (or other educational institutions) admission applications
  • Help out with paperwork such as financial aid applications, medical care, and opus card.
  • Show the newcomers around and explore Montreal
  • Play an active role in helping their mentees and answering any questions they might have and seek help from other parties when needed. i.e. you might have to go to service point and ask admission questions on behalf of your mentee


  • Current McGill student (undergrad or graduate or continuing studies)
  • Fluent in English or French (preferably both!)
  • Mature, responsible and very approachable.
  • Great communicating skills
  • Has a basic understanding of the situation in Syria and mindful of cultural differences and sensitivities.
  • Committed to helping their Syrian mentees and integrating them into the Canadian society

Benefits of the program:

  •      25,000+ Syrians have relocated to Canada since the war has begun. This program is meant to help the young newcomers integrate into the Canadian society and ease their resettlement in Montreal.
  •      Syrian newcomers will improve their conversational language skills whether it is English or French.
  •      Newcomers will receive help in university applications and other paperwork.
  •      Newcomers will have the chance to explore Montreal.

Apply as a Mentor:

If you would like to become a peer mentor please email us your CV and email us on 

Apply as a Mentee:

If you are Syrian and recently arrived to Montreal, please send us an email at if you would like to participate.