Picture this: You’re up at Tamtam’s with a group of friends. The sun is shining… the vibes are great… but you’re hungry (if you’re not, you’re not doing Tamtam’s right). You feel a Boustan-The Halal Guys type of way but they’re all the way down the mountain… what do you do?

You head to us.

Yep. For the SSA’s first event of the year, we’re satisfying your kabab-cravings. Hummus? Mezzehs? We got it. Come chill with us at Tam’s, get to know who we are, and catch some serious Syrian vibes before the school year starts.

Our wonderful sponsor is Souriana Grillades et Boucherie, who are providing us with fresh, delicious food for the day.
You will get 2 kebab skewers + 2 pastries + veggies + lemonade and cookies, for:
$8 for McGill students
$12 for non-McGill students

Detox from Frosh and recover from your Tamtam’s adventure: come indulge with us—you deserve it. 😉

*Please bring CASH ONLY. Tickets are sold at the event!

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